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Let’s be honest, at this point in our lives we have to carry a lot of stuff around. Especially if you live in a city, there is constantly a need to be shuffling shit from one place to another. In order to accomplish this in style it’s necessary to have a great looking bag, but also a really really well-made bag. Enter one of my favorite brands, Stone and Cloth. I discovered them read more…

How Do You Feel/Dress on Sundays?


Sundays are different than Saturdays. Saturdays are wide open, and the world feels full of possibilities. You can drink anything on Saturday because you can recover on Sunday! You can eat anything because you can always work out on Sunday! And you can do anything because you can always go to church and pray about it. On Sunday. I’m brushing some broad strokes here. The point is, Sunday FEELS read more…

My Search for the Perfect Shirt

DSC_0439My latest Refinery29 piece is up today, telling the lovely story of finding true love. I’m talking about my shirt, naturally. After spending years and I mean DECADES looking for my ideal shirt, I finally found it this Spring while roaming King St. in Charleston, SC while I was being all tricoastal and shit. You can read the whole story here, complete with my full recovery from spray starch addiction.

Alert! My jeans and shoes on sale (!!!). My bag available in OXBLOOD here.

read more…

What I Packed This Weekend

Summer Travels Collage


Besides the obvious tops, bottoms, toothbrush, etc etc etc these are my must haves for my weekends away this summer. I’ve been letting my hair air dry and keeping it salty, obsessed with ultra comfortable sneakers, packing light but air-conditioner-proof jackets, staying tight with my one and only I’d marry it if I could Clarisonic face brush, Aurelie Bidermann jewelry (FYI that’s an actual shark tooth dipped in GOLD how appropriate for a dentist, I know), wearing my favorite new sunnies, and always adding a neck scarf for flair.  Oral hygiene covered by my take-everywhere DenTek floss picks with travel case. Double FYI DenTek is having a “Where Have You Travelled?” Instagram contest that ends this month, post a picture of your travel pick wherever you may roam, tag @DenTek, and use the hashtag #DenTekTravelPicks and you can win gift cards and lots of great DenTek products. Put it all in this suede weekender bag that fits everything I need for two nights and three days away, and you are Good. To. GO.

All Tied Up


Good news!

We always start with good news. Then continue and end with good news. Just that kind of website.

The ever-popular, desired, sought-after, lust-worthy SHIRT (we’re talking about SHIRTS GUYS) is being made again. One part silky pirate blouse, one part German read more…

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