Just Working On My Fitness (Outfits)


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What’s up. Thanks Fergie.

Should “ThanksFergie” be the new “Bye Felicia”, I think so.

Let’s talk about fitness since it’s fitness week. Allow me to sum up my life of working out. We’ll start with high school, when we all agree that it’s about time we begin exercising with some purpose. Actually let me back up even more to volleyball camp, the summer before high school. See, I just happen to be very athletic, my mom swears it’s because she did some hand-eye coordination exercise with me when I was a baby, where you touch the baby’s hands to their opposite toes over and over again. I argue all it did was give me a propensity towards toe-grabbing, (my own and read more…

It’s Fitness Week! Time to Get Your Style in Shape


I haven’t had a mid-life crisis, but I think I know what it feels like (except instead of buying a Miata I bought leggings). I was in my barre class when suddenly I looked around and realized everyone was wearing the same version of the same (boring) outfit, including me. It was black spandex central. Same one or two brands, same cuts, same same same. It was then that I also came to terms with the feeling I kept having read more…

Never Regret: Lessons in Vintage Shopping and British Accents

Charles_Roussel -20140903-0380

I was talking to a jolly little girl from England the other day, who now lives in the States with her family. As I usually feel it necessary to dispense unsolicited advice regardless of the age of the recipient, my parting words of wisdom for her were “Don’t lose your British accent.” She looked at read more…

The Secret to Combating Fall Outfit Boredom


It’s Fall. Oooooh I love Fall! Sure you do. It’s my favorite season! Sure it is. Sweater weather! Yeah uh huh. In a month you’ll be shivering under a cloudy sky clutching your Pumpkin Spice Latte like it’s a satellite phone and you’re lost on Mount Everest. That is, of course, unless you live in Southern California and every day is perfect well if that’s the case you’re not even reading this you’re probably paddle boarding and if you are read more…

Fall Swimwear, Plus I Got Kicked Out of a Hotel

Charles_Roussel -20140805-7315

Ok hi. Let’s talk about Fall Swimwear. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but it’s still hot out, gorgeous out, really. Plus I remind myself that not everyone lives in my little corner of the country, and it’s going to be hot all over the globe, forever. Plus you need swim for vacations. Oh and PLUS swimwear isn’t just for pools, I wear mine as clothes all the time. Like this Cover Swim houndstooth one-piece suit that technically I am wearing as a swimsuit since I’m in a pool and stuff, but you could also argue that I’m just wearing it as a bodysuit sans pants.

So there is a story behind this photo shoot. I’m cruising around my neighborhood with the photographer Charles, wondering read more…

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