Refinery29 Anti-Purse Girl + Mansur Gavriel Backpacks


Isn’t this Mansur Gavriel bag dreamy? I can’t describe to you what the leather feels like, only that when you touch it you have to close your eyes and go “mmmmm”. The color practically melts in your mouth. I just creeped on a backpack.

My whole life I’ve been waiting for this backpack. Ever since I was in middle school, coloring in the Jansport logo with rainbow-colored read more…

Update: “Your Mother Wears Combat Boots” No Longer An Insult


The title of this post is rather newsy, no?

Apparently before most of us were old enough to throw insults around, telling someone that their mother wears combat boots was akin to calling her a World War II prostitute. ┬áIt was likely not history’s first “your momma”, but now it’s not a joke it’s a compliment. I’m here to read more…

A Buddhist Monk, a Jazz Singer, and a Vintage YSL Blouse Walk Into a Bar…

0042 (1)

It’s not a joke, it’s just an amazing outfit. It’s apparent that clothes make us feel a certain way. Anyone who doesn’t agree, I would argue, is in uncontrollable denial and needs to go on a retreat with some Buddhist monks and figure out why they’re not in touch with their feelings. I learned this from my father, who read more…

Dig Deep (With Your Wardrobe)

03 (2)

I used to gravitate towards buying mostly show-stopper pieces. Until I realized when I looked around at my clothes that I had none of the basics. I was really frustrated with my wardrobe, I felt like I had great pieces, but nothing really went together. All I had were distinct “outfits”, nothing was effortless. A statement sweater here, patterned jeans there, there was no foundation. Sometimes when buying clothes we try too
read more…

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