What I Bought This Week (Extra Patriotic Edition)



It’s almost the 4th of July! Have you not noticed! Of course you have. This is not news. You’re probably not even at work anymore. You are probably in a car on your way to get hot dog buns. Grab me a Kombucha.

What is news (the loose definition of news) is what I bought this week. Strangely enough, everything I purchased is some form of red, white, and/or blue. Not on purpose, I guess I was just feeling patriotic (SPOILER ALERT: I always feel patriotic). Well the suede shoes I technically purchased this month, but in the spirit of keeping things cohesive, I threw them in, and I’m effing obsessed with them (and all things Laurence Dacade), so they stayed collage’d. I loved this suede pattern so much I bought it in the tote (with a cross body strap you know I hate carrying things) and a matching zip pouch that fits in the bag but is also big enough to be a clutch (if I’m in the mood to carry things). I added a bracelet to my ever-growing busy wrist, and a lapis pendant to my ever-growing busy neck area. These red sunglasses are amazing for summer, and work on pretty much everyone. If you’re wondering what “Try it You’ll Like it” means, it’s a patch you guys, I’m not throwing suggestive phrases into my collages. I slapped that sucker on my bag, because I love a patch, I love Clashist, I love trying things, and liking things is also really cool. Let’s say “Try it You’ll Like it” is the theme of the weekend, and then you can let me know what you’ve tried this weekend and what you’ve subsequently liked (I feel a new blog feature coming on?). And if you happen to see me this weekend, I’ll even let you try/like my 4th of July Kombucha.

DenTek On Guard On Fleek

Dentek Media Event

Young people: did I use “fleek” correctly?

Last week I helped host the DenTek On Guard event at the SIXTY Lower East Side hotel. (If you’ve missed this fact, and are tilting your head at your screen in confusion right now, let me clear things up, I am also a dentist). DenTek invited beauty editors from all the major publications to come check out the newest product launches, hang by the pool and sip cocktails, and take pictures in a photo booth with male models. It was one of the best happy hours I’ve been to, especially a dental related one, since dental related happy hours in my life have mostly consisted of my friends and I back in Buffalo, fresh out of the denture lab, scrubs on, wax in our hair, holding back tears/in disbelief about how hard dental school actually was. Labatt Blue and darts got us through a lot.

But back to the event! I wore a read more…

Refinery29: What I Wore When My Life Fell Apart


Charles_Roussel -20150424-0082-2

For my latest Refinery29 piece I wrote about a very difficult period in my life last year, when I ended a long relationship, left my longtime home, and recovered from a longtime illness. All serious things, no doubt, but an unexpected, sometimes comical, sometimes terrifying result to the whole situation was that I realized read more…

The Summer Jacket: Because Mother Nature is a Tricky Bitch

Charles_Roussel -20150424-0162

This weekend I was in Southie visiting my brother and his family. Naturally we grilled a variety of proteins in the backyard (and lemons, he grills lemons, basically grills everything edible on the table, and I highly recommend it). Although it was Memorial Day weekend, and it’s supposed to be the official start of Summer or something, it was read more…

Prada Perfume Goes B’grl

Les Infusions de Prada

Anyone can look b’grl (if you haven’t figured it out yet, this is what I call dressing kinda like a girl and kinda like a boy), but how about SMELLING b’grl? Prada just debuted 3 new fragrances (they had 3 existing already) called Les Infusions de Prada, that are for men and women alike. Score. I’m a sucker for packaging, and these bottles are a mix of masculine and feminine, designed from the original 1913 Prada logo. Vintage, score. The colored glass bottles are so pretty (but not too pretty) that if you catch one out of the corner of your eye you may mistake it for a giant glistening gummy bear. But then why do you have over-sized gummy bears on your dresser? Is this a regular thing for you? Do we need to talk sugar detox? I have so many questions.

Prada is also bucking the norms of marketing perfume by forgoing famous names and instead doing in-store displays featuring original artwork by Marcel Christ. They are selling the fragrances in Prada boutiques and high-end department stores, so no luck finding these online my friends. Below are a summaries of the scents. Sorry, no essence of gummy bear this round. Maybe next time.

Infusion d’Iris contains accords of iris, Italian mandarin, Tunisian neroli, cedar and benzoin from Laos. It’s my favorite because I adore neroli.

Infusion d’Iris Cedre contains notes of iris, cedar, Tunisian neroli, benzoin from Laos and Somali incense.

Infusion de Fleur d’Oranger is composed of Tunisian neroli, orange blossom from Morocco and from Tunisia, Indian tuberose and Indian Sambac jasmine.

Infusion d’Amande consists of bitter almond, heliotrope, tonka beans, musk and essence of anise.

Infusion d’Oeillet contains carnation, Australian sandalwood, styrax, Indonesian patchouli and mandarin essence.

Infusion de Vetiver contains accords of Haitian vetiver, purple ginger, Tunisian neroli, Italian bergamot and Turkish rose. ALSO contains neroli. Close second for me.

You do you. Boy, girl, or b’grl.


Photos courtesy of WWD and Prada.

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