Sartorially Transported in Maje

Charles_Roussel -20141029-9367

Can clothes turn you into a different person? Maybe clothes and a setting? Maybe clothes and a setting and “Tom Ford” by Jay-Z playing in your head? Maybe clothes, a setting, a smokey eye, HOVA, and a French photographer can make you feel like you’re in Paris? Not maybe. Surely.

I’ve always been amazed by the power of it all. How malleable our identities and feelings can be based on where we are and what read more…

What Are You Wearing to Thanksgiving?

If you’re my father, you planned your holiday outfit(s) months ago. If you’re not my father (more likely you fall into this category, dear reader), then you are probably still not sure what clothing you’ll be sporting this Thanksgiving. So, like anything, I have a few suggestions. If you want to be comfortable, have your pants not hit you in your Turkey Spot (TM pending), look hot, have your feet not hurt so you can focus on the insane Momofuku Milk Bar Pumkpin Pie Cake I brought, while also doing that look casual yet carry a sick bag and wear sick jewelry thing, I’ve got the outfit for you. THIS is what I’ll be wearing to Thanksgiving. High-waisted jeans, crazy sweater, bold yet minimal gold jewelry, sharp sunnies, a killer bag, and sneaks. GRAVY ME.


Jeans: Acne, Sunnies: Fendi, Sweater: Alexander Wang, Bag: M2Malletier , Bracelet: Paula Mendoza, Ring: Jennifer Fisher Sneakers: Adidas

The Tomboy Complex: Do You Uniform?

Charles_Roussel -20141025-7256 (1)

I go back and forth between a state of thinking that my inner thoughts are super weird and a state of thinking that everyone thinks like me. Sound exhausting? Wait are you like that too? Is everyone? SEE WHAT I MEAN.

I wonder what other people think about when they get dressed in the morning. I get dressed a few times a day for various reasons, mostly being that of my alter ego 3Jobz. I wake up and am a blogger, then I’m a dentist, then a blogger, writer, and hot-sleeper read more…

B’GRL Dressing: The Edit

Charles_Roussel -20141025-7062

Everyone who knows me I’m a little bit boy, a little bit girl. What I call, a b’grl. Take that however you’d like, but it’s true. This situation extends to pretty much everything in my life. My tastes, attitude, energy, and obviously, my clothes. Everything always extends out to my clothes.

In my latest Refinery29 piece I chronicled how I had to wear my brother’s clothes growing up, which at one point really bothered me (not as much as how my protest in wearing my brother’s clothes led to my mom shouting the word “unisex!” over and over read more…

The Bodysuit Ambassador: Dark Angel

Charles_Roussel -20141005-5348

You know what I always say, mo’ bodysuits, mo’ better. My latest Refinery29 piece highlights my lust for this particular type of clothing, and what’s more lust-worthy than a black lace bodysuit from Cosabella. Uh, nothing.

With perfectly placed lace panels that you can show or cover depending on your mood, a high neck and little ruffle read more…

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