Tuesday Styling Sesh: J.Crew, Boo

Just because a brand is prolific doesn’t mean you can’t dress differently while wearing their stuff. There are ways you can style your outfits so that you don’t resemble every other bot on the street. This is how I would put a look together for a dinner out (remove sunglasses once sun goes down as to not resemble an a-hole). It’s a little dressy, a little tomboy, has florals with black and white stripes (a fave), metallic heels, a longer-cut crisp white shirt, minimal yet punchy on the jewels (also a fave), and an over-sized coat in an unexpected color. One word: lapels! Extra points for furry bag. The lip color is the absolute, number one, all-time best matte lip I’ve ever encountered. Flattering on anyone, even bots. And right now almost everything is 25% off! (That sounded like an ad, it’s not an ad I just like you).


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Don’t Stop Having Fun: Enter Clover Canyon


No matter what is going on in my life, I’m constantly reminding myself to have fun doing it. Being focused and serious is good, but if you’re not having fun, what’s the point. During the colder months I’m also constantly reminding myself to have fun with my outfits, which can be a read more…

The Secret to Keeping Skin Hydrated In-Flight

One of the things that’s hard about being bicoastal, and especially tricoastal, is keeping your skin and body hydrated while on an airplane. I’ve tried other hydrating mists, but none compare to this Triology Hydrating Mist Toner.

I also use it mid-day when I want to refresh my makeup, or just need to spray something beautiful on my face. Got a date after work? Mist. Craving a cheese danish at 2pm? Mist instead. Airplane bathroom mirror reflection got you freaked? Just mist it.


Just Working On My Fitness (Outfits)


new fit

What’s up. Thanks Fergie.

Should “ThanksFergie” be the new “Bye Felicia”, I think so.

Let’s talk about fitness since it’s fitness week. Allow me to sum up my life of working out. We’ll start with high school, when we all agree that it’s about time we begin exercising with some purpose. Actually let me back up even more to volleyball camp, the summer before high school. See, I just happen to be very athletic, my mom swears it’s because she did some hand-eye coordination exercise with me when I was a baby, where you touch the baby’s hands to their opposite toes over and over again. I argue all it did was give me a propensity towards toe-grabbing, (my own and read more…

It’s Fitness Week! Time to Get Your Style in Shape


I haven’t had a mid-life crisis, but I think I know what it feels like (except instead of buying a Miata I bought leggings). I was in my barre class when suddenly I looked around and realized everyone was wearing the same version of the same (boring) outfit, including me. It was black spandex central. Same one or two brands, same cuts, same same same. It was then that I also came to terms with the feeling I kept having read more…

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