Thinking Vs. Feeling


The day I took this photograph was during an actual weather event called the North American Cold Wave of 2014, and as the name suggests it was absolutely freezing out. Hold that thought.

In college I took a lot of Cognitive Science classes. Also known as Cog Sci to the Philosophy nerds (myself included). The classes satisfied my Liberal Arts education requirements, but it also really fascinated me, so I took more credits than were necessary. At least once per class my favorite professor, Shaun Gallagher, would take a screwdriver and remove read more…

Travel Smart

Charles_Roussel -20141220-7448-2

You may remember a piece I did for Refinery29 about my issues with carrying handbags. Really it’s just the one issue, that unless they are tethered to my body I tend to leave them places and thereby lose all of my stuff. I discovered a new handbag line called MEZZI which has done me even better by creating something read more…

New Year, Same Me


Every year, around this time, we all get the sense that we have a chance at starting fresh.  A clean slate.  A blank page.  A bright white computer screen and a blinking cursor.

It’s no wonder we feel this way, the date 1/1 is a literal reset in the digital alarm clock of life.  And this is all positive.

Except for one tiny thing.

“New Year, New You”.  This is something that we often see or hear in advertisements around January, encouraging us to reinvent read more…

Sartorially Transported in Maje

Charles_Roussel -20141029-9367

Can clothes turn you into a different person? Maybe clothes and a setting? Maybe clothes and a setting and “Tom Ford” by Jay-Z playing in your head? Maybe clothes, a setting, a smokey eye, HOVA, and a French photographer can make you feel like you’re in Paris? Not maybe. Surely.

I’ve always been amazed by the power of it all. How malleable our identities and feelings can be based on where we are and what read more…

What Are You Wearing to Thanksgiving?

If you’re my father, you planned your holiday outfit(s) months ago. If you’re not my father (more likely you fall into this category, dear reader), then you are probably still not sure what clothing you’ll be sporting this Thanksgiving. So, like anything, I have a few suggestions. If you want to be comfortable, have your pants not hit you in your Turkey Spot (TM pending), look hot, have your feet not hurt so you can focus on the insane Momofuku Milk Bar Pumkpin Pie Cake I brought, while also doing that look casual yet carry a sick bag and wear sick jewelry thing, I’ve got the outfit for you. THIS is what I’ll be wearing to Thanksgiving. High-waisted jeans, crazy sweater, bold yet minimal gold jewelry, sharp sunnies, a killer bag, and sneaks. GRAVY ME.


Jeans: Acne, Sunnies: Fendi, Sweater: Alexander Wang, Bag: M2Malletier , Bracelet: Paula Mendoza, Ring: Jennifer Fisher Sneakers: Adidas

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