NuFace Microcurrent System for Amazing Skin

I miss Aaliyah. Did you miss me talking at you expressively about beauty products? Well I’ve got something here that is so good you need to leave work and go get one. Actually leave work and get a gelato, then come back and use your internet to get one of these. Watch the video, I explain all. wikiwikiwiki babygirl.

The Pleat Goes On



Oh haaaaaaaaay.

There’s something about pleats that I’m really drawn to. Especially clean white pleats. It’s probably that I’m OCD (you know how people joke about being OCD like they’re proud of it no I’m serious I have issues please stop touching the pillows on my couch). I like things to be straight and even and the best part about pleats, they stay that way, forever.

Being afraid of change or getting upset when things don’t happen exactly as you expected is about as helpful as getting upset when the seasons read more…

Let It Go, Lighten Up


It’s important not to over-think things. An analytical mind can tend to run amok, not knowing when it’s appropriate to analyze and when to shut the hell up. I used to see it all the time in myself.

When I was 8 years old the local pop radio station Kiss 98.5 asked people to call in to say what their New Year’s Resolutions were. I read more…

One Piece Suits: Get in the Game

0033 (1)

Here are some more pictures from my shoot at the High Line for my latest Refinery29 piece on wearing one-piece swimsuits. The suit is by Cover, a brand I’ve written about before on CTS. Their suits are all 50+ SPF, and they make all kinds of gear including long-sleeve suits, rashguards, BEACH CAPES, swim shirts, skirts, and dresses. I’ve been more diligent about sunscreen lately, read more…

Are Bras Shirts?


There are a lot of advantages to being flat-chested.

Never thought I’d write that in public.

There are a lot of advantages to being flat-chested. I’ve never been accused of dressing in a vulgar manner. (Wait wait that’s not true. read more…

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